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15 tomhardy it's a category for non-ubuntu things oh L3top: ok... so you have a package that is partially broken... you cannot install due to dependencies that are not in a state that can be installed... and when you attempt to run apt-get -f install you get dpkg-deb: subprocess paste killed by signal (Broken pipe) tomhardy: which release? 3.0.0-12 you have no broken packages You have dpkg issues. tomhardy: apt-cache policy nvidia-304 in terminal, please. tomhardy: apt-cache policy nvidia-304-updates The stuff at the bottom. apt-cache policy xserver-xorg-video-nvidia what release is the system? 11.10 tomhardy, that is a "ppa" no. the output that I asked for, not what you actually had. 11.10 is not supported anymore. oh well sudo apt-get purge nvidia-304 Hi, how to fix this following problem.. ---> Cannot open - open (13: Permission denied) please help.. hmm the proridgem PPA. that is a weird PPA... but, I will look into it. s1: ls -l /etc/apt/




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Setool2 Smart Card Not Found Crack In 44 (Latest)
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